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About Us

About Keystone


Keystone Adult Day Program was established in February 1988 for the purpose of giving individuals an alternative to institutional care. 


Keystone is a non- profit human service agency which serves Oak Ridge and the surrounding areas. In a time of rising health care costs, Keystone offers a resource of community-based support for families which can help prevent, divert, or delay the need for institutionalized care and its associated financial and emotional costs.

It is the policy of Keystone Adult Day Program to provide services to all individuals whose needs may be met by the program’s services, without regard to race, creed, age, sex, national origin, or color.

Our Mission

Keystone’s mission is to provide a structured, supervised and comprehensive day program for adults with cognitive and/or functional impairments while partnering with caregivers in need of respite.

Our Principals of Care


Regardless of the level of disability, we feel that each person is capable of enriching his/her life and the lives of others. The program fosters interactions that encourage respect and courtesy for the individual.


We respect the right of each person to make his/her own decisions. By carefully structuring daily activities, we are able to maximize individual functioning and increase independence.


We recognize the uniqueness of the individual. By focusing on individual abilities, not disabilities, we are able to enhance self-image and demonstrate the worthiness of each person.


Facilities, employees, and volunteers create a sense of family, in which each person feels loved, comfortable and safe.


We recognize that each family is different; family caregivers are our most important source of support and information. Family caregivers receive services which respect their values of the family, while enhancing their ability to provide quality care in the home and maintain family stability.

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